Monday, May 6, 2013

May Update

May has started off with a bang! We got a new number on the first. We didn't really think that we were going to move at all this month, so we were surprised when we saw our new number. Here it is....

We are excited that we moved three spots this month! Be praying that children will continue to be placed with their forever families and that we will be matched with our child quickly.

We also found out that some of our paper work is getting ready to expire, so we have to do a home study update. Which required us doing paperwork, getting some blood work done, and having another home visit with our social worker. Thankfully we were able to get everything done quickly and easily.

May is a crazy month for us. So the addition of more items to my to do list almost sent me over the edge. But God has worked and allowed us to get things done quickly and with minimum stress.

Summer is just on the horizon for us and we are so excited! We are always sad to see students go, but we know that God has plans for each one of our students and we will get a whole new group of students in the fall. I (Jacque) will be graduating on the 18th from NOBTS. So, I'm trying to wrap up my last assignments and get them turned in. We are excited about the different things that we have coming up and the ways that God is moving in the adoption and in our lives.